In the Land of Giants: Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Success in the Age of Amazon

Kate Hudson has graced the screen for years, becoming loved for her roles in such films as Almost Famous. However, in recent years, Kate Hudson has exceeded every expectation by transcending her on-screen prestige and becoming the owner of a multi-million dollar business. Combining her love of and passion for leading an active lifestyle with her fashion know-how, Hudson created the Fabletics brand, and athleisure company offering its patrons a wide range of trendy activewear they can feel amazing in. The best part? It’s functional, too.


But what’s so amazing about Kate Hudson’s company isn’t the fact that she grew a $250 million business in three years. What’s amazing is that she did so in the age of Amazon, which currently controls about 20 percent of the fashion market. Walking in the land of giants, Kate Hudson managed to take her passion for athletic clothing that is functional, affordable, and beautiful, find her market, and reach them – drawing many away from Amazon and straight into the arms of Fabletics.


What makes her brand so successful, though? Clearly her business know-how is unmatched, and her appeal as a fashionable individual helps with branding. But leaving the explanation there doesn’t give Kate Hudson enough credit. What she actually did was create a revolutionary new method of finding and reaching her target audience and engaging them in a way most brands dream of being able to do.


Reverse showrooming is a technique that she developed that capitalizes on what is typically a negative trend for business owners. Showrooming occurs when people go into a store, like a book store, browse for the books they want, and then purchase them for a lower price online, usually Amazon in the case of books. Kate Hudson capitalized on this browsing culture and started out online, bringing customers into her store. Because of this innovative approach, 30 to 50 percent of the customers that visit brick and mortar Fabletics stores are already members, and an additional 25 percent sign up in-store. Talk about an innovative way to take a negative trend and spin it to make it a positive, beneficial trend instead.


Fabletics is truly a brand for everyone. Whether you’re a casual gym-goer or an endurance athlete who requires top-performing gear, Fabletics has something for you. Try taking the fun Lifestyle Quiz on the Fabletics site to find out which Fabletics products will benefit you the most and work with your lifestyle most efficiently.

Jason Halpern’s Family Business Responsibility

Jason Halpern is the son of a construction mogul, Joel, whose company has made it in the real estate business. Growing with a construction developer for a dad made Jason gain interest in the business and just like his father, the skills were passed on to him. The family has operated the construction development business for over 50 years and this does not seem likely to end, at least not with Jason’s generation. He took over the family business in 1980, and over the years he has been a major player in the real estate business. Although he did not carry on with his father’s company since it was acquired by the Reckson Associates, he was determined to carry on with the family’s legacy.


Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Jason founded the JMH Development Company where he has been working full time since its inception in 1990. With his brilliant skills and passion for great designs, Jason has driven the company to greater heights by coming up with some of the most brilliant constructions ever. He has even broadened his scope from just developing new buildings to renovation. He is the man behind the brilliantly constructed Aloft South Beach in Miami. This beach hotel is one of the best in Miami housing around 235 hotel rooms sufficient for peak season accommodation. He maintains a high level of professionalism in his projects a character that has bestowed him great approbations in the industry.

Jason’s Own Time

Jason is reportedly teaching his teenage son the art he learned from his father and as such, this will be a family empire for years to come. His company has been very successful in the development and construction of modern rental apartments, town houses, beach houses and renovations, among other great construction projects. He believes in giving his best and maintaining high levels of standards to retain his clients. He has developed and renovated a number of buildings some which were very old dating back to the 20th century. His determination to carryon his father’s legacy has driven him to work with caution to preserve the family name in the lucrative business of construction.

Doe Deere’s Inspiring Morning Routine

Doe Deere is the definition of an owner of a company who wants to accomplish more within what she does. She is always on the lookout to accomplishing more as a businesswoman and CEO of Lime Crime. This company has grown to become such a huge success nationwide and even across the globe because of what she has done and the work she put in. Her unique approach to colors and ideas, alongside the new hair dye products have all come together to help make her a more malleable businesswoman who knows what she is doing.


Dee Deere uses her work to provide women with what they need in order to succeed and get what they want to get good makeup and get what they need. Doe Deere is ultimately one of the most interesting women that follows a powerful strategy. Doe begins her day with a good cold glass of water to get her body shaking it up. She loves starting her day and feeling good on the inside with some good water. She continues the day with a nice light set of stretching which she knows is good for moving the body and giving it the energy that it needs. It’s a big struggle to get the blood flowing without a decent stretch. She enjoys relaxing and making sure her morning is free from her phone, and she only goes on social media apps until after a specific period of time where she feels she is ready to dive in and see what’s happening to the world.


Doe Deere is very hardworking and she allays needs a good breakfast to help get her mind moving in the right direction. This is why she loves a fruits or anything that is light for her stomach. It gives her energy without filling up her body too much. Doe is quite a unique person in what she does and she is always looking for new ways to improve her work.


Doe is definitely a woman in business who wants to make sure that Lime Crime is headed in the right direction, and this is why she is always on her phone after the morning to connect wit the people throughout the office to make sure they got what they need. She is capable of providing them with everything they need. She can connect with them through a personal chat system that let’s every employee get in touch with her in an instant, and it’s a great way for her to see what is going on throughout the office and what she can do to help provide what she can. Doe Deere is the woman behind this industry who knows how to build a company.


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Improving Men’s Health with Lifeline Screening

In the constant rush of always having a full schedule and a plethora of responsibilities, in can be rather easy to overlook the allowance of time to ensure that your body is in a healthy state to be able to continue to constantly endure the regular stressors of life. For those with chronic stress, they can have even more difficulty to stay the course and complete their tasks due to the impacts on health that stress can have including: low energy, weakened immune system and dampens critical thinking. There a few simple ways to alleviate the stress; by taking a refreshing bath, listening to favorable music, hanging out with friends and family and along with meditation can help maintain the agenda for the week. Also, there is supplemental treatment that can decrease stress, which is items with zinc, niacin, magnesium and ashwaganda.

Another major impact on men’s health is blood pressure which is the telltale sign of many ailments, so it is best to keep this factor under control as much as possible. Primary concern for blood pressure is how it increases risk of a stroke as well as promotes chronic stress, impairs certain organs and diminishes cardiovascular endurance and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

For a simpler positive impact on your health is scheduling enough time for sleep, because focusing on a balanced sleep time will allow for the most beneficial sleep. The target is a 7-hour session of sleep due to the fact that oversleeping can have negative impacts on health such as: low energy, reduce thinking speed and increase production of cortisol and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Keeping track of testosterone level is very important in men’s health because it enhances bone density, increases muscle size as well as boost energy and mood. Also, it can help a man find a partner which can also be a healthy impact for a man’s energy and mood and more information click here.

The best provider that is world renowned for quality of service is Lifeline Screening, which provides 1 million screenings a year to individuals who are health conscious and wish to maintain or improve their level of health.

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Eva Moskowitz’s Accomplishments and Career

Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy Charter Schools where she serves as the chief executive officer. She served as a member of New York City Council and a co-author at Mission Possible. The four charter schools in Harlem founded in 2006 have collectively been cited as the best charter schools nationally. Mayor Michael Bloomberg recognized the outstanding performance of these schools.


In 2008, Eva also opened three more charter schools and is now planning to open over 40 others in the coming decade. Eva is actively advocating for education. She has managed to successfully apply her expertise in over 1,300 public and chartered schools in New York City.


Eva was born in 1964 in New York City. Her career is characterized by privatization of public education through her charter school movement. Additionally, Eva worked with New York City charter school center where she co-wrote a charter school guide-book, Mission Possible, with her colleague Arin Lavinia. Evan Moskowitz studied at the University of Pennsylvania where she received a bachelor’s degree. She also earned a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in American History.


Eva Moskowitz lived in Columbia University neighborhood and attended Stuyvesant High School before joining college. As a professor, Eva Moskowitz taught women history on a part-time basis at the University of Virginia. Later she taught at Vanderbilt University as an assistant professor until 1990 when she moved to City University of New York as an assistant professor. Further, Eva taught civics and children’s literacy as a director of public affair.



Success Academy charter school formerly known as Harlem Success Academy is a great milestone in Eva Moskowitz’s career. To enumerate this fact, she received a financial compensation of $567,500 for the year 2013-2014. Moreover, Eva Moskowitz is also a member of Students First New York based organization that advocates for education

George Soros: A Man for Democracy and Equality

Considered by many to be a titan of financial investment, George Soros has more on his resume than a long list of successful investments (although long the list would certainly be). This wealthy Hungarian-born billionaire, who spawned from humble beginnings, takes a philanthropic stance with his wealth in the face of ever-growing opposition.

Open Society is perhaps Soros’ most recognizable charity. It was established in 1979 by an already wealthy Soros after he concluded that his investment management had provided him with more than enough money. George acknowledges that his financial and investment successes have given him more freedom than most are afforded. He also insists that with that level of financial freedom comes the responsibility in exercising it, which is why he is obliged to take firm and loud stances on controversial issues, both verbally and financially. His strongest stance is arguably for democracy. Read more about George’s life story at

His support of open democracy in over 100 countries has made George Soros a champion for human rights on a global scale. He believes that governments should be accountable to their citizens and has made considerable financial donations in various areas to ensure that democracy is established and uncompromised. Open Society was created with the hope that authoritarian governments would, indeed, be replaced by open societies. A goal Soros still works toward to this day. While many thought Soros to be slowing down his donation pace, he committed $25 million to liberal campaigns and causes in the United States of America in hopes of securing the rights of the American people by helping to finance liberal campaigns and causes. His fierce and open critique of the Republican Party leadership, along with his financial support for liberal organizations, have helped to combat the often-used fear and confusion tactics of the conservative GOP.

George Soros is a loud and proud advocate for the common man. Even though his donations don’t guarantee a win for the good guys, it puts them within striking distance many times. So as we continue what will be a long hard fight for balanced government and equal rights, let’s all move forward remembering what the man himself said:

“Once we realize that imperfect understanding is the human condition there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct our mistakes.”– George Soros

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How George Soros’ Philanthropy has transformed the World

George Soros is a finance and investment professional who has accumulated a lot of money from investing in the hedge fund industry and currency speculations. The businessman was born in Hungary to a humble family. He has worked hard and has become one of the wealthiest people in the United States. Soros is committed to bettering the world and has given more than $2 billion to support charity work across the globe. The contribution that he has made have greatly assisted in fighting for freedom of speech, transparency in governments, justice, and equality. Soros owns a nonprofit organization that he has been using to improves the lives of the people who are discriminated by their communities.

Soros was among the Jews who lived in Hungary. When he was still young, the country was facing a crisis, and all the Jews who lived there were highly oppressed. In the 1940s the natives of the land created the Nazi Occupation whereby they had declared war on the Jewish community that was in Hungary. They fought from 1944 to 1945 and more than 500,000 Jews were killed in the war. Soros strived to support the people of his community to survive the war by helping them to secure fake Hungarian identities. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

Two years after the end of the Nazi Occupation, Soros had a chance to move to London where he enrolled to study finance at the London School of Economics. His hard work enabled him to perform well in the school, and he graduated with excellent grades. George depended on himself when he was living in London. George Soros had to work as at a railway and nightclub to raise enough money for his education. After completing his college education, he flew to the U.S to seek for opportunities in the finance world. He penetrated the industry swiftly and raised sufficient funds to establish a hedge fund company after a few years. His firm is called Soros Fund Management, and it makes billions of dollars every year.

The billionaire has supported communities across the globe for the past four decades. He has various ideologies that can transform the world and has been implementing them through the Open Society Foundation. The charity foundation has established itself in about 100 countries. It has introduced several initiatives that ensure communities across the globe have freedom of speech. Learn more on about George Soros.

Soros has also been making significant contributions to the political world. He believes that forming transparent governments is the first step to improving the world. The billionaire is one of the Americans who have donated a lot of money to support the undertakings of the Democratic Party. He actively participated funding in the presidential bids of the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Amazon Has Competition in Fabletics

Amazon has long been one of the major leaders in the fashion industry. For one thing, many other types of clothing retailers have fallen because of the changing environment of fashion. For instance, a lot of department stores are closing a lot of their location. Other clothing companies are looking to change their model to reflect fast fashion models. While fast fashion still remains to be one of the more popular forms of clothes shopping, it is still seeing signs of slowing down. There is also another model that is actually considered even better than fast fashion. This is the online model. When putting that into consideration, there is no wonder why Amazon is considered one of the most popular fashion sellers.


There is a brand that is looking to take on Amazon as one of the more popular fashion companies. Fabletics is the brand that is making lots of waves. One of the reasons is that it is making changes to the world of sportswear. People are now able to enjoy some of the more stylish products in the sportswear category. This is something that Kate Hudson has noticed was lacking. After all, working out and looking stylish do not have to be mutually exclusive.


When people get a preview of what they can get from their membership, they are going to be amazed at the difference they are going to get in the products they see. Unlike many of the other stores that sell activewear, there is a special sense of style to the products that Fabletics has to offer.


One of the best things about Fabletics is that while people wear these clothes to work out in, they can also be worn to work or for going out. One thing people get to experience is the benefits that come with being well dressed while working out.


For some people fitness is a part of fashion. However, this did not stop Fabletics from going all inclusive. After all, really nice looking clothes can motivate people to put in the effort needed to improve their appearance. This shows another way that fashion can be a part of fitness.

Eric Lefkofsky Improves Healthcare Using Innovative Technology

About Eric Lefkofsky & Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus, a company that provides analyzed data for physicians using high quality technology. The data obtained is used to produce the right options for cancer treatment. They also deliver reports to a patient’s physician, which contains in-depth suggestions for treatment. Also, Tempus uses animal models instead of patients for therapy screening.

Educational Background

Lefkofsky was born in Detroit Michigan, but he grew up in Southfield Michigan. After graduating from Southfield-Lathrup High School, he attended the University of Michigan. In 1991, he graduated as an honor student. He then became a student at the University of Michigan Law School and received his Juris Doctor in 1993 and more information click here.

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur. He started out selling carpet at the University of Michigan. Then after he graduated from law school, he partnered up with a friend, borrowed the money he needed from family, and created a clothing company called Brandon Apparel. He has founded and co-founded many other companies as well. He is co-founder and chairman of Groupon, InnerWorkings, Uptake, and a few more. He is no stranger to hard work and determination.

Accelerated Disruption

Eric Lefkofsky wrote the book called Accelerated Disruption. He explains how disruptive businesses are created, grown, and upheld. He gets down to the core and gives a well educated and theoretic method for turning an idea into reality. His book describes ways that businesses can benefit from using technology. He states that a business can be successful for years if they know how to control and understand the forces of technology and learn more about Eric.


Eric Lefkofsky, along with his wife, created a charitable trust known as the Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006. It’s purpose is to support other charitable organizations, as well as scientific and educational organizations all over the world. The organization centers it’s focus on children. Currently, it has help to fund over 50 organizations.

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The Tyson Foods Plant Is Bought By The OSI Group

The OSI Group already has a plant that is based in Chicago. Now they have acquired a new plant that is located near this existing facility of The OSI Group.

It is a food processing facility along with a storage warehouse that is located in Chicago. The total area of this facility is 200,000 square feet. It was being operated by Tyson Foods earlier. Since it is based in close proximity to the existing OSI Group facility, hence it can provide the required infrastructure that will help to support its business growth.

The facility is going to enhance the capabilities of the Group to meet the growing needs of its customer base. Hence they are highly excited about having this facility as a part of their manufacturing network.

The OSI Group has not disclosed the financial terms of this deal or the kind of foods that will be processed at this new facility.

It was being operated by Tyson as it was a part of its business of prepared foods. It was in November 2015 that they decided to close this facility and another one in Jefferson, Wisconsin. This was done in order to improve their efficiency. The workload from these two plants that were closing was absorbed into those plants in the company that had additional capacity for production.

The OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It is a global leader in its field. The company is supplying value-added items of protein and such other food products. These are provided to leading foodservice as well as the retail brands.

The OSI Group is a privately held corporation. Presently it has nearly 60 facilities that are spread over in 17 countries. Most of the poultry production of The OSI Group is through a facility in China.

The Group believes in giving a localized flavor to its global operations. It believes that there cannot be a single product to satisfy all customers. This is because local taste, government guidelines, and culture plays a major role here. Hence they have local people in all their offices to understand this better and accommodate accordingly.

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