Desiree Perez Leads Roc Nation to Success

In the busy world of entertainment, one must employ the use of a strong, reliable, manager. A manager will always ensure that the business is easier and less strenuous by working on your behalf. Desiree Perez is a good manager. She understands the ropes of the entertainment industry and seeks to be part of it. Desiree Perez has been an associate of Jay-Z for more than four years. Her career has basically blossomed at Roc Nation. Her influence in securing deals for Roc Nation is one factor that has contributed to her growth as an individual and what Dez Perez knows.


Profile of Growth At Roc Nation

When Desiree Perez joined Roc Nation, the business was performing averagely. Her focus to deliver ended up growing Roc Nation in different, better levels. Her charisma as well as passion, are just a few, characteristics that define this manager. Desiree Perez has associated with Jay-Z for more than twenty years. She has a vast track record of handling various business. The SC Enterprises has been her best. Desiree has proven to be overly perfect at what she does. She holds vital decision making skills that continue to better define her by ranking her first on the list of achievers. Desiree Perez features a unique history of better performance and Dez Perez’s lacrosse camp.



Desiree Perez cannot be compared to Cookie Lyon of Empire series. She has a stronger, more defined kingdom of managerial skills. Her input in Roc Nation would never be matched to anyone’. Desiree Perez offers Roc Nation the opportunity to land better investment deals. It is a characteristic that defines her passion for building Roc Nation. Desiree hopes that the future holds more for Roc Nation because in it, she has defined the highs and the lows of the business. Coupled with the support of Jay-Z, the business has been booming and has a better future at being successful and read full article.

How Daniel Mark Harrison is Changing Investment Capital

The venture capital firm Monkey Capital has been growing at an astounding rate, and through new avenues which do not fit the traditional market. Daniel Mark Harrison is the man behind the movement and, as managing partner of the company, continues to drum up new business and change the global economy through Monkey Capital’s Initial Coin Offering.

Harrison and Monkey Capital together are creating new sources of funding and capital in the more modern Bitcoin and Altcoin era of business. His early success with Monkey Capital and other ventures is elaborated when he contributes articles to financial news publications on a regular basis. Having served as a columnist for The Motley Fool and currently writing for CoinSpeaker, Daniel Mark Harrison is well-versed in the field of writing.

Regardless of his financial success, Harrison is no stranger to volunteering. He normally contributes his time and skills to causes around the world. The writings of Daniel Mark Harrison cover global events and other important cultural happenings that may otherwise be overlooked.

Daniel Mark Harrison is a renowned author and entrepreneur who has gained fame for his business success and publications. Harrison is known specifically for expressing his knowledge in writing on topics such as modern culture, business, and international events. He is a Managing Partner of both Monkey Capital and FinTech. His offices are present in numerous regions including Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Harrison’s work in the field of writing has been seen in some of the biggest publications for global news. Portfolio Magazine, Forbes, and The Washington Post have all featured contributions from Daniel Mark Harrison. He also regularly writes for Daily Dot. His peers have referred to him as innovative and a growing force in literature.

Aside from his business ventures and writing projects, Daniel Mark Harrison is also involved in speaking events around the world. His experience in the entrepreneurial field as well as his grasp of media ownership and writing has made him a desired speaker across many different platforms. Harrison is an advocate of digital assets and is constantly working to grow the market surrounding cryptocurrency and other means for business transactions.

Louis Chenevert is an Achiever

The name Louis Chênevert always rings a bell in the minds of those who are in any kind of business. This is because he is a Canadian businessman who has served as the CEO as well as Chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He has also been the President of Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Under his leadership, UTC managed to keep the interests of its customers, as well as stakeholders, along with shareholders in such a way that they could tide over the subprime recession.

UTC is a large industrial conglomerate that is worth $63 billion today. It has its headquarters located in Hartford, Connecticut.

Louis Chênevert ensured that UTC remained the market leader in innovation. This was in the aerospace as well as building space. He ensured that all this took place without impacting the workers by paying them unfair wages or affecting environmental compliance and similar public matters of concern.

The sophisticated jet engines worldwide are being assembled by UTC. They have both military as well as commercial clients. In additionally, it is also in charge of OTIS, which is the largest manufacturer of escalators and elevators in the world. The Stratford plant of UTC is the leader in manufacturing helicopters in the United States.

The Climate, Controls & Security business of UTC is based in Connecticut. It is the leader in the US in providing equipment for fire detection, refrigeration, as well as heating besides air conditioning equipment. The Aerospace Systems business of UTC is spread over several places in the US. It manufactures flight sensors, and flight controls, besides landing gears, brakes, as well as actuators, and aero structures.

In this way, Louis Chênevert has contributed a lot to manufacturing in America and its economy. UTC has always done well. It has managed to bring in good returns in the form of dividends to its shareholders.
He left General Motors in 1993 and joined Pratt & Whitney engine business that was owned by UTC. He has been highly successful here. During the recession in the US, Louis Chênevert was elected as the CEO of UTC.

Avi Weisfogel: Innovative Dentistry Effective for Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist renowned for helping patients diagnosed with sleep apnea, a condition affecting not only overweight people, but countless others. Dr. Weisfogel is the first dentist ever to have made significant strides in treating sleep apnea using dental techniques. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and biology from Rutgers University, and the Doctor of Dental Surgery credential at New York University. He specifically pursued the study of dental sleep medicine, and from that point generated his business model utilizing dental techniques for treatment of sleep disorders.
His practice, known as Old Bridge Dental Care, became an award winning one. He faced many obstacles in his goal to help his sleep-disordered patients, often because of the lack of sleep tests conducted on them by prior physicians. There were also problems with the sleep tests physicians were conducting on patients at that time. Dr. Weisfogel’s goal was to provide a solution for sleep apnea patients worldwide.
He started his project in 2012, upon his establishment of the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. This served as a think tank for other experienced dentists and sleep experts to discuss their experience with treating patients with sleep apnea. Weisfogel utilized the platform as well to attract stakeholders, using a series of lectures on medical models and dental methods used for sleep apnea.
He then founded the Dental Sleep Masters Program, the main purpose of which was to customize sleep appliances to alleviate the problems experienced by people with sleep disorders. The innovative methods used by his program were to provide special sleep wear which did not hinder the individual’s breathing while asleep. Dr. Weisfogel’s business acumen and expert marketing techniques helped him to make this innovative new type of treatment a success.
Another treatment involved use of a prescription for oral application of jaw support. This method helps to expand the upper airways, making it unlikely that the patient would pause in his breathing while asleep. He set up his program to treat the specific problems. Dr. Weisfogel insists on using oral appliances to treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

How Waiakea Water has Helped to Improve Lives

Waiakea Bottled Water is a Hawaiian brand established by Ryan Emmons. It is the first quality volcanic water brand, sourcing its water from the Mauna Loa volcano peak. The water contains minerals that are natural and healthy. Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water sets high standards, promotes active lifestyles and changes lives through their brand. The water firm is among the fastest growing companies in America.

The Hawaiian water brand, founded in 2012 by current CEO Ryan Emmons, has changed the environment and enhanced easier access to water. The manufacturing process of water in the company is regulated to reduce carbon emissions that pollute the environment. Waiakea water preparation is through filtration in a porous lava that provides natural minerals. The process of water production has earned the company a carbon neutral certification, in water bottling and beverage industry. Waiakea Company encourages replanting of trees and incorporates a three-way bottom line model to conserve the environment.

Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Company records an increasingly annual growth rate because of its dominance in the market. The water firm has a value of $10 million, which has made it be the largest water company producing pure natural alkaline volcanic water. The company educates on the importance of having clean water and environmental conservation, which has helped to improve the water bottling and beverage industry. Waiakea water boasts of sustainable packaging through packing water in biodegradable bottles, which influenced more consumers to prefer their water in the market.

Waiakea water originates from pure and natural alkaline, which is rich in electrolytes. The water has a unique mineral composition that comprises of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and 30mg silica. The water brand brags of producing water with a pH between 7.8 and 8.8. The premium water beverage addresses the natural functional, social and environmental trends.

Waiakea bottled water company together with Pump Aid, donates water to communities in Africa living in arid areas. The cooperation has enabled one million people in Malawi to access water by supplying over four thousand water pumps and created job opportunities for the locals. For each liter sold, the water company offers 650 liters to the community. The bottled water company is proud to be the greenest, healthiest and most charitable water enterprise in the world.

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The art of drumming with Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi was one of the founding members of the viper group.The group founded in 1985 achieved a lot of success which propelled him and the founding members to legendary success in Brazil. The group was a heavy metal band that came up with a new twist and sound which helped them cut across borders.The ability of a Brazilian band to achieve success in English speaking countries as well as selling out stadiums was no mean achievement.

Cassio began practicing on the drums in his early teenage years and by his early twenties he was so good he could play for commercial bands. Together with a group of other members by the names Felipe Machado, Andre Matos, Pit Passarell, and Yves Passarell a common love for heavy metal music brought them together and read full article.

They began their career by recording a demo which had heavy influences from the Iron Maiden and a touch of the new wave of British heavy metal this produced a unique sound and the reception was okay.A second demo followed shortly this was the viper band’s way of announcing their arrival in the music industry and what Cassio Audi knows.

The band following up on the demo was now at a stage where they were confident enough to release their first album titled Soldiers of the Rising Sun. This album has various tracks including Killer the princes from Hell, Signs of the Night and Nightmares some of which Audi co-wrote and Cassio Audi’s lacrosse camp.

He together with his fellow band members were immensely skilled and talented this helped them be highly rated by fans and critics and their album remains popular to date and Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Cassio, however, had always had a dream of going back to school and shortly after leaving the band he joined Pontifical Catholic University where he studied his business degree and went on to be very successful in the financial world and

Your Beneful Dog Food Headquarters: Walmart!

Need a convenient, affordable location to purchase Beneful dog food? You can find your pet’s favorite canine cuisine in an affordable variation of flavors and sizes, pet-specific needs, plus wet food choices as well at Walmart! Dry food prices start out at just under $6 for a 3.5lb bag; based on the specific type, ingredients, weight, etc the price goes up to right under $35 for a 31.1lb bag. Wet assortments start out less than $2 each and based on size and individual needs goes up to just under $18. As of now, Walmart does not carry the Healthy Weight with Real Salmon option in dry or wet foods, but there is no shortage of other selections to choose from! You can find Beneful coupons online or in Sunday newspaper inserts, and Walmart is continuously doing rollbacks on everything including dog food, guaranteeing you the best value for price and learn more about Beneful.

Oncotarget: Source of valuable Information

We all work for that high-end lifestyle. The kind of life where we get anything at the back of our call without having to depend on someone else. That is why it is necessary to keep our bodies in tip top health. Unfortunately, there are too many illnesses nowadays that we have to worry about. One such disease which claims the lives of myriads annually is cancer. It has become one of the illnesses which reports the highest mortality rate. That is the reason why it is important you get as much information as possible about it. There are many sources of info such as the magazines and books, but one of the best is Oncotarget. It is a weekly journal, which is dedicated to making sure that you are aware of all the facts about the killer disease and more information click here.


More on Oncotarget

The journal began publishing way back in 2010 by two scientists namely Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov. The two have been in the health industry for close than a decade, and their areas of specialization are on cancer hence you can be sure that you are getting information from experts and are professors at Roswell Park cancer institute. To make it available for everyone Oncotrget has open access hence there are no limitations as to who gets the journal. It is in a universal language which is English which works to ensure further that no one is locked out. It researches all aspects and different types of cancers and also the available treatments. The journal has different sections such as microbiology, aging, neuroscience and learn more about Oncotrget. Moreover, the publishers are set to add more sections to ensure it becomes more effective. It currently ranks position 66, and it has all its publications since it was established in 2010 are available to the public in its archive. Therefore if anyone misses out on any volume, there is no need to panic as you can always download and print it at your own free time. The website interface is quite user-friendly therefore quite easy to navigate. Oncotarget also boasts different social media accounts which make it easier for users to access and resume him.

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A Close Look at Dr. Walden’s Career Tenure

Dr. Walden is an accomplished plastic surgeon and media commentator in America. He is the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, a private ambulatory surgery and plastic surgery center based in Texas. She began practice at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Here, she worked with Dr. Sherrell Aston, her mentor. In 2014, she was named as one of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar.

Besides, Dr. Walden was recognized by Fox News and ABC News as an expert commentator on plastic surgery. She serves on the Editorial Board of Directors of Modern Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Practice. She is among the few women awaiting the appointment to the Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetics Plastic Surgery. As an author, she co-authored the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery textbook and learn more about Dr. Walden.

Early Life

Jennifer Lee Walden was born in Austin, Texas. She was born to a surgical nurse mother and a dentist father. She attended the Anderson High School and later on joined the University of Texas to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Later on, Dr. Walden applied to undertake a degree in Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch.


Dr. Walden obtained a fellowship in aesthetic at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital while at the University of Texas Medical Branch. After completing her fellowship, she continued working at the hospital for seven and a half years. While at New York, Dr. Walden participated in clinical trials aimed at reintroducing silicone breast implants. In 2011, she went back to her home town Austin, Texas and opened Westlake Hills, a private plastic surgery practice. In 2014, her practice, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center opened a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas. Dr. Walden is highly regarded for her commitment to advancing technologies at her practice. Besides, she has played a significant role in developing instruments for breast surgery and more information click here.

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Daniel Mark Harrison’s Influence on Monkey Capital

Monkey Capital is the first ever ICO to succeed in trading options, in this case, known as COEVAL. It deals with SpaceX supply contracts and taking over companies that have a weak management team. The company’s management and operations that are quality have enabled it to come up with Ethereum-style gains. According to the firm’s CEO, the volume of COEVAL contracts resulted to fifteen BTC on Waves DEX. Monkey Capital has received praises from influential people like Chris Waltzek, a radio host, stating that it has been long since he saw a product like that of the company. Monkey Capital’s ICO was termed as the billion dollar baboon by the Huffington Post.

Buyers who have subscribed for Monkey have a chance to purchase the MNY tokens at a low fixed rate at the auction. The volumes have increased since the introduction of tokens.

Having been published in papers like The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, Daniel Mark Harrison is deeply involved in media platforms. He ventures in businesses and acts as a commentator in various fields. He is known for his entrepreneur skills and is currently the Chairman and CEO of DMH&CO. He has held the position since October 2015. The company is a family affair that ensures Daniel Mark’s family assets grow and are in place. The property includes all his estates and that of his relatives. DMH&CO’s offices are located in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Mr. Harrison is also the founder and one of the managing partners of Monkey Capital, which is a decentralized hedge fund.

Daniel Mark has also been featured on The Daily Dot, which is an online space and Portfolio Magazine. He has accomplished to develop Factory Banking, a model which is widely used currently to determine the value of businesses and operations taking place in the Internet of Things(IoT) and the economy. His twitter handle contains inspirational tweets from legendary like Mike Ditka, where he quotes “Success isn’t permanent, and failure isn’t fatal.” He also frequently advertises his companies’ operations in his account. Apart from his Facebook account, Mr. Harrison also has individual pages for his companies.