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Swiss Business Professional Mike Baur

One of the most notable business owners in all of Switzerland is Mike Baur. He has had a long and successful career working with many startup businesses. With his years of experience working with startup businesses, he has been able to develop a company of his own. As of today, Mike is the co founder of a unique company known as Swiss Startup Factory. The company specializes in providing advice and mentoring to entrepreneurs who are looking to maximize their success. Along with being the co founder of his own company, Baur has also spent a number of years investing in startup businesses. Before he got involved in this activity, he worked in the banking industry where he would help business owners get access to the capital they need.


When Baur first started his career, he worked in the banking sector in which he would provide assistance to a number of entrepreneurs. While working in the banking industry, Mike would have conversations with business owners about their needs in terms of capital. They would look to Mike to provide them with loans so that they can achieve their various goals. Baur would evaluate the business idea and determine the company’s ability to pay back the loan. Upon approval, Mike would give these entrepreneurs the money they need to start up and expand. He would also provide advice on how to manage debt and the rest of their finances.


After twenty years in the banking industry, Mike would move on to investing in startup companies. This venture would allow Mike to put his own capital into a number of new companies that were starting out. He would evaluate these startup companies just like he did during his banking career and invest in the ones who had the highest profit potential. This strategy would serve him well as he would frequently make high returns on the startup companies he invested in. Investing in startup companies would give Mike the idea to start up his own business in the near future.


Mike would start up his own company known as Swiss Startup Factory. The company has a very unique and innovative business model that helps entrepreneurs. Swiss Startup Factory holds an event on a regular basis which allows entrepreneurs to present their business idea to Mike. He then evaluates the business ideas and then chooses the ones that he believes have the best potential. Once chosen, these businesses will get a lot of mentorship and coaching. They will receive advice on how to market more effectively, improve their products and services as well as managing their finances.


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  1. Mike Baur is a great example of people that move the world with their hand and that is seen with what he has achieved in recent time. Also might serve its purpose of helping people get the necessary materials needed for their research. With the introduction of the Swiss Startup Factory company, I think that there is much to benefit in terms of the guild and assistance it will confer on the people there.

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