Successful Entrepreneur

Defying All Odds

Todd Lubar is a living example that you can succeed in life even when others are failing at doing the same thing. Lubar is a successful businessman who thrives in an area where people have failed because of the financial crisis. He has gained trust from his clients. Todd assists people to own houses. Todd pursued his passion after graduating from Syracuse University with a B.A in Speech Communication. Lubar loved helping people. His love for assisting others set him up for the toughest situations. People are helped when they are in crisis. His tolerance while building his career has left him with a better chance of understanding lending and real estate deals. His expertise in the field made him discover an opportunity in real estate. He discovered that there was an underserved group of consumers and he started initiatives towards serving these people. Todd Lubar acts as the president of TDL Global Ventures. He is also a Senior Vice-president of Legendary Investment.

Todd Lubar has many years of expertise in real estate. He has managed to gain authority and command respect as a leader in the industry. His inbuilt character ( of appreciating knowledge has made him what he is today. Todd started his career in 1995. He committed himself to understanding everything about real estate. Todd worked with different stakeholders to come up with strategies that could benefit people in the society. He created easy and adaptable programs at Legacy Financial Group which left the group financially stable and thriving. Lubar joined Legacy Financial Group when it was almost losing everything because of the loan. He worked through and sustained the company to a place where it recovered and started making profits.

Todd later moved to Baltimore, Maryland. There was also a crisis here, reports People were afraid of purchasing and owning property. Todd Lubar has engaged the necessary skills and stakeholders. He developed a different and new approach towards real estate at Baltimore. The man has encouraged many people to own property and develop themselves. This is a real hero. He helps people to own property and improve themselves financially in the society. For more info, visit