Event Planners

Tips For Throwing A Fabulous Party Without Stressing Out

Throwing a memorable and fabulous party takes a unique combination of skills. You have to be able to serve delicious food, know how to make your guests feel comfortable and understand how to stay organized.


Because of all of the components that are involved when it comes to throwing a party, many people opt for a professional party planning company like Twenty Three Layers in New York City. Unlike most planning companies, Twenty Three Layers provides guidance during the planning stages in addition to offering every service under the sun. Whether you need help coming up with a theme or you require a full catering team to come to your home, Twenty Three Layers can do it all.


Of course, not everybody wants to spend a portion of their budget on a professional event planner. Luckily, just because you can’t afford a planner doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a party like a pro. Follow these tips from real party planners and you’ll be able to wow your guests with your hosting skills.



  1. Be Organized


One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is not getting organized right away. You should use spreadsheet software in order to keep track of who is attending as well as any shopping lists.



  1. Themed Parties Aren’t Just for Kids


A themed party can inspire your guests to get creative. The theme can be your favorite decade, your favorite movie or anything else that pops into your imagination. Be sure to let your guests know well in advance what the theme will be so that they can prepare an outfit accordingly.



  1. Make a Simple Menu


Another common mistake is going overboard with the menu. You can serve your guests a tasty variety of food without slaving in the kitchen for days leading up to the party. Think of a selection of finger foods that can be prepared quickly.



  1. Take a Time Out


Throwing a party can be an exhausting experience. On the day of your party, be sure to take some time out to unwind so that you don’t burn out before the guests arrive at your door.