Food Solutions

OSI Food Group Paves The Path For Food Solutions

The diverse world of food solutions necessitates a versatile range of characteristics for food providers. A company must be able to adapt to the needs of its partners while maintaining the integrity of their product. At a global level, this range of requirements increases exponentially. The ability to not only adapt to expectations, but to integrate these challenges into meaningful, layered solutions has propelled OSI Food Group to the top of the food chain.

Having operated for over 100 years, it comes at no surprise that OSI has such immense success. OSI has created an extensive food supply network, works with some of the world’s exceptional culinary talent, and goes above and beyond to assure quality. OSI’s adherence to standards of utmost integrity have earned them the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. The company focuses on sustainability, a factor of food solutions which is often overlooked, this truly speaks to their “team-player” corporate infrastructure.

While OSI is one of the world’s largest food solutions providers, it is also privately owned. This is a rarity in today’s age of shareholder mentality. Private ownership allows OSI Group to truly focus on the specific needs of its clientele. OSI is known for its can-do attitude in regard to the needs of its clients. This is why they are one of America’s top 100 food companies. They integrate quality and customization with an impeccable range of service, all while following the core values cultivated over 100 years of customer satisfaction.