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Enjoy the Exclusivity at Hospital Copa Star

Copa Star is a hospital that is not like any other hospital. It has a fragrance that is not found in any hospital. Typically a hospital will mean the smell of antiseptics, medicines and so on. But this is not the case with Hospital Copa Star. There is a woody smell with a citrus fragrance. This place is known for its artwork too.

Hospital Copa Star is located on Rua Figueiredo Magalhães. On entering, one is greeted by a piano set in the hall. Next is a huge work of art that is displayed on the wall of the hall. This is an artwork that has been created by Japanese artist, Yutaka Toyota. In fact, there is many more of her artwork all around the Hospital Copa Star. This ensures that there is no feeling of a dreary hospital over here. This is why Copa Star is considered to be an exclusive hospital. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

The reception area has comfortable and luxurious sofas all around. People typically expect uncomfortable plastic or metal hospital chairs, but these are not available here. A number of art books have been placed in the reception area. Hence people are able to relax here rather than thinking about sickness or disease.

After the reception desk is a restaurant. It has a menu that has been prepared by the renowned French chef Roland Villard. Its cuisine has been set by the Swiss Steve Moreillon.

The feeling at Hospital Copa Star is that of a luxury hotel in Copacabana. This is a private hospital venture that comes along with five-star concepts. The building has glass doors all around. Thus patients can have a view of the beautiful scenery all around. The Copa Star is catering to the top-class clientele. It is the brainchild of Jorge Moll, who is a cardiologist. He is the founder and President of the Council of Rede D’Or São Luiz. This is a highly successful venture of the Group. It has cost over $ 400 million to build it.

Due to Hospital Copa Star, patients who were earlier taking the air bridge to Sao Paulo in order to get high-quality health care can now easily get it here. They had been going to the Albert Einstein or the Sírio-Libanês hospitals earlier to get quality healthcare.

This hospital specializes in providing excellent medical care especially in the field of cardiology and neurology. There are nine operating rooms for advanced medical aid. Three of these are called hybrids. They have highly qualified as well as trained medical staff in order to provide the utmost in medical care.

This project is highly successful. Hence such hospitals will soon be opened in several other places very soon. A number of locations have already been identified! Read more at Apontador about the hospital.