Business Savy and Compassionate – Dick Devos on A Personal Note

Dick DeVos, is the talk of the town in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dick however, is no stranger to controversy. Republican party members, Dick and his wife of 38 years, Betsy (US Secretary of Education), have donated (from the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation) $139 million over their lifetime, to charitable organizations. The funds are used primarily to help the people, claims DeVos.


Improving education is a priority to the DeVos couple. A majority of the contributions have been spent on education. Dick DeVos believes, that each child should have a chance at the American dream. He also mentioned, “that a system needs to be in place, to help the teachers, to be more effective in reaching every child.”


Besides education, the Devos’s focus their generosity on Arts and Culture. The remaining funds are allocated to leadership and development, public policy, health and human services, civic and community, and last but not least, churches.


The DeVos’s Foundation, is centered on aiding the Michigan community, in which they still reside. Dick states that, he and Betsy choose “to support environments on adult supervision and support, accountability, and academic rigor.” Kids are really important to the DeVos’s, and “the impact that education will have on their lives, comfort of their parents, their views of the world, and their attitudes,” Dick has stated. Education makes their liberal acts worthwhile.


Another compassionate gesture from the DeVos’s, was the launching of the country’s first, aviation charter school. The DeVos’s kindly donated the first plane. The charter school had driven students from 7 other countries. An increase in economically challenged children was noticed. 40% of the students were minorities. The aviation school has a 86% graduate rate, which is something to be proud of.


Dick, is the son of Amway co-founder and self-made billionaire, Richard DeVos. Dick, along with 3 siblings, grew up in a family of wealth and prestige. Dick Devos earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He has held executive roles in companies such as; Amway, Alticor, NBA’s Orlando Magic, and his current position at Windquest Group. Dick has been business savvy from an early age.



Dick and Betsy have 4 grown children and several grandchildren. Dick, is an author of a book titled, “10 Powerful Phrases for Positive People.” DeVos is also an avid pilot. The DeVos’s children are involved with the funding aspects of their parents. On a personal note, the DeVos’s are caring, compassionate people, that have a sincere love for their family, community, and what they believe in.