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John Goullet Develops Revolutionary Ways of Meeting IT Staffing Challenges


When it comes to staffing in the field of Information Technology, John Goullet takes the lead. Mr. John Goullet is the Principal of DIVERSANT LLC. The inception of his career dates back to 1994 when he founded a company for staffing in IT. He was the chief executive officer. Before that, Goullet was a computer consultant at a firm that specialized in Information Technology. His experience in computer and technology gave him broad understanding in the field of corporate IT staffing and read full article.

Corporate Staffing

John understands the needs of clients in the corporate world and following the demand, he customizes staffing to their satisfaction. At Info Technologies, Goullet capitalized the objectives of the firm on understanding the IT needs and matching it to the respective candidate. He matched the requirements of his consultants to job description and title. He grew Info Technologies to an award winning company as cited by Inc Magazine.


Having acquired vast experience in staffing needs at Info Technologies, John realized his knack for staffing and pursued it by merging with DIVERSANT to provide even better staffing needs in IT. He joined Gene of DIVERSANT with the aim of extending his staffing services to the corporate world. DIVERSANT LLC was born in 20110. With John’s expertise, the firm develops revolutionary ways of dealing with the challenges faced by the ever transforming IT field and John on Facebook.


Goullet has shown exemplary leadership and professionalism in gearing the company towards growth even in the economic recession. Being passionate about IT, he encourages his staff to develop creativity when handling client demand. With his belief in teamwork, he instilled discipline in the team. His commitment saw IT Technologies rank the largest African-American company in the U.S. and what John knows.


John Goullet attended the Ursinus College and attained a Master’s Degree having majored in Computer Science. He graduated in 1983. After campus, he joined a firm that specialized in IT consultancy. John utilized his expertise in diversified IT staffing to connect skilled IT specialists with the corporate world. Being a visionary entrepreneur, Goullet implements successful strategies for DIVERSANT LLC. To this day, Goullet strives to establish new revolutionary ways of dealing with client challenges in the IT industry.