How the Draft will affect the Fantasy World

Many sports fans are probably currently concerned about their MLB lineup in their fantasy leagues. While this may be the topic of conversation for the next couple of months, it won’t be long until football fans get their chance to draft in their football fantasy leagues. Every year fans spend hours filing through tons of information to help them make the best pick. This year, perhaps more than recent ones, the NFL draft could have a huge impact on who you pick and when you pick them. The 2017 NFL draft could have a big impact on the upcoming fantasy season.


Wide Receivers were a big surprise in this years draft. There were not expected to be many receivers taken early in this draft, but that was not what ended up happening. Three receivers that were drafted in the first round could have an impact on the fantasy draft. Corey Davis, selected by the Tennessee Titans at number five was a surprise to most analyst. Considered to be one of the top receivers, Davis went a little earlier than most expected. His arrival in Tennessee should make Marcus Mariota an even more appealing option at quarterback. Mario was already moving up the quarterback fantasy rankings last year. With Davis, and some more weapons the Titans picked up in the draft, Mariota could be a great option at quarterback. John Ross, selected at 13 by the Bengals and Mike Williams, selected by the Chargers at 7 should also help their teams. Both receivers increase the value of their quarterbacks, Andy Dalton and Philip Rivers. These are guys you can wait on in your draft, but are solid options at the quarterback spot.


Two quarterbacks selected in the first round could be appealing options. Mitchell Trubisky will be in Chicago. How soon he starts is yet to be decided. But with good pieces around him he could be worth a late pick. A more appealing option at quarterback would be Houston’s Deshaun Watson. I wouldn’t reach for Watson in my draft, but he is almost certain to be a starter in Houston sooner, rather than later. The Texans may have finally found their franchise quarterback.


The draft is a tricky thing. There will be names that come up and surprise. There will be disappointments as well. These names however stick out at the moment.