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Listen To Kim Dao Play The Piano In A New Vlog

Did you know beauty vlogger Kim Dao can play the piano? It’s true! Kim Dao just posted a vlog of herself on YouTube where she plays a piano piece she wrote all by herself. This vlog is entitled “I wrote a song… | I suck at Piano now | Kim Dao.”Learn more :


The video starts out with Kim Dao telling us about her relationship with her boyfriend Eric in Perth, Australia. Even though Kim is in Perth right now, she spends most of her time throughout the year in Tokyo. In a way, Kim Dao says her long distance relationship is better than if she were to live in Australia since Eric works so much.Learn more :


Kim Dao then says she is going to spend most of this video at home just doing chores. First off, she says she is going to clean her room and sort out all of her old clothes.Learn more :


A little while later, Kim Dao turns on her family’s coffee maker for some instant coffee. She says she can’t really appreciate “authentic” coffee, even though she knows Australia has a lot of great high-quality coffee.


Kim Dao then goes over to her Yamaha piano. She says she learned piano while she was a child, but she hasn’t practiced in a long time. Even though she hasn’t touched a piano in around 3 years, Kim Dao plays a song she wrote while she was in high school.


During the rest of the vlog Kim Dao edits a few videos on her laptop, takes her dog Yuki for a walk, and then has dinner with her family and boyfriend at PappaRich.Learn more :