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A Profile of Anthony Petrello: CEO of Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries is the world’s leader in oil and gas drilling equipment. The company works with over 20 companies in nearly every major drilling market in the world. They specialize in Land Drilling, Offshore Drilling, Specialty Rigs, Rig Equipment and many other services including a fully trained staff and team for their equipment. Nabors is also known as an innovator in the technology sector that accompanies oil and gas drilling and they focus on some of the world’s most forward-thinking technology available in the market.

Much of that success has stemmed from Tony Petrello’s leadership style and dedication to continue pushing Nabors to the top of its field in all areas. Petrello serves as Chief Operations Officer and President from 1991 until 2011, where he brought the company to some of its greatest financial success they have seen to date. That type of lengthy time in such a high-powered position of a mega-company like Nabors is a testament to Petrello’s leadership style and his team’s confident in his innovative style and learn more about Tony.

In fact, as CEO, President and Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries, Petrello made over $15 million in compensation. Of this $over $10 million was awarded as stock, $1.4 million received as a bonus and $1.5 million as a salary, according to statements for the 2016 fiscal year and follow his Twitter.

However, although Petrello is a known titan in his industry, he also works with many philanthropic causes as well. Most importantly, he and his wife Cynthia have been tirelessly focused on supporting the Texas Children’s Hospital’s innovation in research for children with neurological disorders. Cynthia was Petrello’s college sweetheart and they married soon after college. The two had a daughter that was born pre-maturely and developed cerebral palsy. Since then, the power couple has donated over $7 million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital’s research for neurological disorders. In addition, the two also volunteer their time and energy.

Petrello sits on the board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. He is also a director for Steward & Stephenson, LLC and Hiltop Corporations – two other big names within the oil and gas drilling industries and read full article.