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The Tyson Foods Plant Is Bought By The OSI Group

The OSI Group already has a plant that is based in Chicago. Now they have acquired a new plant that is located near this existing facility of The OSI Group.

It is a food processing facility along with a storage warehouse that is located in Chicago. The total area of this facility is 200,000 square feet. It was being operated by Tyson Foods earlier. Since it is based in close proximity to the existing OSI Group facility, hence it can provide the required infrastructure that will help to support its business growth.

The facility is going to enhance the capabilities of the Group to meet the growing needs of its customer base. Hence they are highly excited about having this facility as a part of their manufacturing network.

The OSI Group has not disclosed the financial terms of this deal or the kind of foods that will be processed at this new facility.

It was being operated by Tyson as it was a part of its business of prepared foods. It was in November 2015 that they decided to close this facility and another one in Jefferson, Wisconsin. This was done in order to improve their efficiency. The workload from these two plants that were closing was absorbed into those plants in the company that had additional capacity for production.

The OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It is a global leader in its field. The company is supplying value-added items of protein and such other food products. These are provided to leading foodservice as well as the retail brands.

The OSI Group is a privately held corporation. Presently it has nearly 60 facilities that are spread over in 17 countries. Most of the poultry production of The OSI Group is through a facility in China.

The Group believes in giving a localized flavor to its global operations. It believes that there cannot be a single product to satisfy all customers. This is because local taste, government guidelines, and culture plays a major role here. Hence they have local people in all their offices to understand this better and accommodate accordingly.

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