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Jason Halpern’s Family Business Responsibility

Jason Halpern is the son of a construction mogul, Joel, whose company has made it in the real estate business. Growing with a construction developer for a dad made Jason gain interest in the business and just like his father, the skills were passed on to him. The family has operated the construction development business for over 50 years and this does not seem likely to end, at least not with Jason’s generation. He took over the family business in 1980, and over the years he has been a major player in the real estate business. Although he did not carry on with his father’s company since it was acquired by the Reckson Associates, he was determined to carry on with the family’s legacy.


Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Jason founded the JMH Development Company where he has been working full time since its inception in 1990. With his brilliant skills and passion for great designs, Jason has driven the company to greater heights by coming up with some of the most brilliant constructions ever. He has even broadened his scope from just developing new buildings to renovation. He is the man behind the brilliantly constructed Aloft South Beach in Miami. This beach hotel is one of the best in Miami housing around 235 hotel rooms sufficient for peak season accommodation. He maintains a high level of professionalism in his projects a character that has bestowed him great approbations in the industry.

Jason’s Own Time

Jason is reportedly teaching his teenage son the art he learned from his father and as such, this will be a family empire for years to come. His company has been very successful in the development and construction of modern rental apartments, town houses, beach houses and renovations, among other great construction projects. He believes in giving his best and maintaining high levels of standards to retain his clients. He has developed and renovated a number of buildings some which were very old dating back to the 20th century. His determination to carryon his father’s legacy has driven him to work with caution to preserve the family name in the lucrative business of construction.