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Oncotarget: Source of valuable Information

We all work for that high-end lifestyle. The kind of life where we get anything at the back of our call without having to depend on someone else. That is why it is necessary to keep our bodies in tip top health. Unfortunately, there are too many illnesses nowadays that we have to worry about. One such disease which claims the lives of myriads annually is cancer. It has become one of the illnesses which reports the highest mortality rate. That is the reason why it is important you get as much information as possible about it. There are many sources of info such as the magazines and books, but one of the best is Oncotarget. It is a weekly journal, which is dedicated to making sure that you are aware of all the facts about the killer disease and more information click here.


More on Oncotarget

The journal began publishing way back in 2010 by two scientists namely Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov. The two have been in the health industry for close than a decade, and their areas of specialization are on cancer hence you can be sure that you are getting information from experts and are professors at Roswell Park cancer institute. To make it available for everyone Oncotrget has open access hence there are no limitations as to who gets the journal. It is in a universal language which is English which works to ensure further that no one is locked out. It researches all aspects and different types of cancers and also the available treatments. The journal has different sections such as microbiology, aging, neuroscience and learn more about Oncotrget. Moreover, the publishers are set to add more sections to ensure it becomes more effective. It currently ranks position 66, and it has all its publications since it was established in 2010 are available to the public in its archive. Therefore if anyone misses out on any volume, there is no need to panic as you can always download and print it at your own free time. The website interface is quite user-friendly therefore quite easy to navigate. Oncotarget also boasts different social media accounts which make it easier for users to access and resume him.

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