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The art of drumming with Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi was one of the founding members of the viper group.The group founded in 1985 achieved a lot of success which propelled him and the founding members to legendary success in Brazil. The group was a heavy metal band that came up with a new twist and sound which helped them cut across borders.The ability of a Brazilian band to achieve success in English speaking countries as well as selling out stadiums was no mean achievement.

Cassio began practicing on the drums in his early teenage years and by his early twenties he was so good he could play for commercial bands. Together with a group of other members by the names Felipe Machado, Andre Matos, Pit Passarell, and Yves Passarell a common love for heavy metal music brought them together and read full article.

They began their career by recording a demo which had heavy influences from the Iron Maiden and a touch of the new wave of British heavy metal this produced a unique sound and the reception was okay.A second demo followed shortly this was the viper band’s way of announcing their arrival in the music industry and what Cassio Audi knows.

The band following up on the demo was now at a stage where they were confident enough to release their first album titled Soldiers of the Rising Sun. This album has various tracks including Killer the princes from Hell, Signs of the Night and Nightmares some of which Audi co-wrote and Cassio Audi’s lacrosse camp.

He together with his fellow band members were immensely skilled and talented this helped them be highly rated by fans and critics and their album remains popular to date and Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Cassio, however, had always had a dream of going back to school and shortly after leaving the band he joined Pontifical Catholic University where he studied his business degree and went on to be very successful in the financial world and https://soundhound.com/?ar=200118118817452342.