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Louis Chenevert is an Achiever

The name Louis Chênevert always rings a bell in the minds of those who are in any kind of business. This is because he is a Canadian businessman who has served as the CEO as well as Chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He has also been the President of Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Under his leadership, UTC managed to keep the interests of its customers, as well as stakeholders, along with shareholders in such a way that they could tide over the subprime recession.

UTC is a large industrial conglomerate that is worth $63 billion today. It has its headquarters located in Hartford, Connecticut.

Louis Chênevert ensured that UTC remained the market leader in innovation. This was in the aerospace as well as building space. He ensured that all this took place without impacting the workers by paying them unfair wages or affecting environmental compliance and similar public matters of concern.

The sophisticated jet engines worldwide are being assembled by UTC. They have both military as well as commercial clients. In additionally, it is also in charge of OTIS, which is the largest manufacturer of escalators and elevators in the world. The Stratford plant of UTC is the leader in manufacturing helicopters in the United States.

The Climate, Controls & Security business of UTC is based in Connecticut. It is the leader in the US in providing equipment for fire detection, refrigeration, as well as heating besides air conditioning equipment. The Aerospace Systems business of UTC is spread over several places in the US. It manufactures flight sensors, and flight controls, besides landing gears, brakes, as well as actuators, and aero structures.

In this way, Louis Chênevert has contributed a lot to manufacturing in America and its economy. UTC has always done well. It has managed to bring in good returns in the form of dividends to its shareholders.
He left General Motors in 1993 and joined Pratt & Whitney engine business that was owned by UTC. He has been highly successful here. During the recession in the US, Louis Chênevert was elected as the CEO of UTC.