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Louis ChêNevert’s Legacy at the Biggest Manufacturing Conglomerate, UTC

  Most of the word’s famous business executives are known and remembered for their enormous contributions in the organizations they worked for, Louis ChêNevert is no exemption. Despite leaving UTC the world’s largest multinational conglomerate, Mr. Louis ChêNevert success are remembered to date. According to the company’s record, Louis is one of the organization’s leaders to take the company at…

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Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies Laying the Ground when It Comes to Inmate Communication

Communication is a very important aspect of our lives. Despite the fact that inmates have been constrained to certain rights and freedoms such as that of association and movement, they are still entitled to a certain degree of communication. There are many inmate communication companies in the industry today but nothing beats Securus technologies when it comes to delivering quality…

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CEO Profile, Entertainment

Desiree Perez Leads Roc Nation to Success

In the busy world of entertainment, one must employ the use of a strong, reliable, manager. A manager will always ensure that the business is easier and less strenuous by working on your behalf. Desiree Perez is a good manager. She understands the ropes of the entertainment industry and seeks to be part of it. Desiree Perez has been an…

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