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Louis ChêNevert’s Legacy at the Biggest Manufacturing Conglomerate, UTC


Most of the word’s famous business executives are known and remembered for their enormous contributions in the organizations they worked for, Louis ChêNevert is no exemption. Despite leaving UTC the world’s largest multinational conglomerate, Mr. Louis ChêNevert success are remembered to date. According to the company’s record, Louis is one of the organization’s leaders to take the company at the helm of its market with an outstanding achievement of over 100 billion US dollars in revenues for a single year.

While to some people, these achievements may seem like a tall order; to Louis ChêNevert they were not. Being a production management graduate from the great Université de Montréal, École des Hautes études commerciales (HEC), Louis relied upon his expertise to attain most of the milestones. In addition to this, the former UTC boss came to the top position with a breadth of industry experience. Prior to his appointment as the CEO and President of UTC, Louis had worked at Pratt & Whitney Canada for a period of six years and also as the overall head of Pratt & Whitney division for seven years. Through Pratt & Whitney, Louis was not only able to gain industry experience but also understand UTC better since the company was its subsidiary.

Inasmuch as it is true that Louis ChêNevert successes in UTC were mainly attributed to the above two factors, there was more to what met the eyes. Mr. Louis strongly believed in empowering his employees and the use of technology. According to him by increasing the skills and training of his staff, they were able to better handle the operations and machinery of the business. With this therefore, Louis ChêNevert encouraged his employees to take advantage of the employee’s scholarship program fully supported by the company.

Immediately after resigning from his position at UTC, Louis ChêNevert was employed by Goldman Sachs as their exclusive advisory. Mr. Louis was tasked with the responsibility of scouting for business prospects in the aerospace industry.

Louis ChêNevert successes in UTC teaches us one very important lesson that your legacy will always outlive your current position. For those looking for role models in the business world, Louis ChêNevert is one individual you need to consider.