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Paul Mampilly: A Financial Genius in stock investment

Paul Mamphilly is one of the best hedge fund managers to have ever graced the Wall Street. He is an American investor with so much success to his name. Mampilly is a winner of the prestigious and popular Templeton Foundation Competition. Paul was born in India. He later relocated to the United States. Paul Mamphilly holds a degree in business Administration from the University of New York. He has a lot of experience in stock investment has been in the industry for over two and a half decades. His insights on the direction of particular stocks are considered as an authority in the industry and read full article.

Paul Mamphilly is very generous with information and helps many stock investors make appropriate business decisions. Over the years that he has worked in the industry, he has been one of the best. He proved to be the best when he won the Templeton Foundation Competition awards. This is a competition that had brought together the very best in the industry, but he still emerged the best at a time when his experience in the industry was not long. Now that he has gained experience, he is undoubtedly the king of the stock markets investments.

Paul Mamphilly started his journey in the stock market investment by working at Deutsche bank in 1991. He was a research assistant in the bank. Ever since, he has worked with other organizations such as ING and Kinetic. From working as a research assistant, he has risen steadily through the ranks to be one of the best in the industry. In the Templeton Foundation Competition, he managed to turn an initial investment of $50 million to $88 in a record time. He managed to do this at a critical economic crisis where many other investors were losing their investments. What was more pleasing was that he emerged the winner without shorting the stocks during the period and Paul’s lacrosse camp.

After working on the Wall Street for many years as an investor and a hedge fund manager, he finally decided to quit and start his private investments while at the same time educating people on how to profitably invest in the stock markets. He has established a newsletter through which he trains and educates people. He also does regular analysis of the markets and shares the information with subscribers of his newsletter. Paul Mamphilly hopes to influence the lives of many people through investment in the stocks and his Facebook.