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Jason Hope; the Internet of Things

Jason hope, a Scottsdale Arizona native, is a philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur who believes in harnessing the power of technology for future use. Jason Hope got a degreein finance from the Arizona State University and then went on to earn an MBA from ASU’s W.P CarySchool of Business. Jason has devoted himself to the development of technological advancements that will enhance the lives of millions. As a philanthropist, Jason prides himself in contributing to a course dedicated to making Arizona better like the SENS foundation. Jason has also shown an interest in the political arena of his home area.

InJason’s recent news articles about the internet of things, he demonstrates clearly how the world as we know it has drastically changed. Technology advancements have made the world a global village where we can connect to each other just by the click of a button. More and more homes in Americaand the rest of the world are being connected to high-speed internet each day, whether they have a traditional PC or not, and his Linkedin.

Jason highlights that the word internet of things refers to a variety of products in existence today that connects us to one another via the internet. He also states that IoT extends far beyond cell phones and other types of smart devices; IoT also includes smart homes, appliances, and electronics that allow for internet connectivity. According to Jason, Internet of Things enables sharing of data among devices thus increasing efficiencies and reducing waste.

Jason says that IoT is the biggest investment that many of the world’s biggest corporations will take on. Jason goes on to explain that, as of now smart technology is just a convenient option for most of the population. In just a few years to come, Jason states that it will become the only way forward. According to Jason states most of the population at the moment associates getting online with their computers or smartphones and goes on to highlight that this will quickly expand to every day routine from making coffee to switching off lights when one goes to bed, and

Jason states that in the future there will be competition among all major companies to create the most relevant and useful apps that can engage consumers in their daily routines and across a variety of different devices. The race to the top, Jason says, will be based on utility for consumers. Jason explains that the biggest advantages of embracing the internet of things for society is that it has the power to eliminate plenty of waste and make our lives generally safer, and learn more about Jason Hope.