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Glen Wakeman is a True Business Mentor

Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Launchpad Holdings LLC. He holds a BS Degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. He began his professional career at GE Capital. He is the founder of Nova Four which he presided over at the time he was working at GE.


He is a renowned mentor and entrepreneur who is associated with revolutionizing businesses with a staff of over 17,000 employees. He is widely viewed as a person who helps startups at their junior levels. His other areas of operations include guidance on divestitures, new market entry, exponential growth and much more. He is known to apply his methodology by focusing on the five key performance areas which include execution, leadership, human capital, governance and risk management (


He is an investor as well as a writer who shares his thoughts and opinions through blog posts dealing with international financial issues, management and administration, emerging markets, strategies and many others. He is credited with assisting numerous C-level managers through his mentorship programs.


Glen Wakeman has worked and lived in multiple countries and has been responsible for running companies in about 30 regions in the world. He is an internationally recognized individual who has contributed his skills and knowledge to the development of his field. He actively participates in transformative business opportunities creating value in all his endeavors. He is widely consulted in the areas of angel investing, capital raising among others.


He has primarily embraced the notion of business development, innovation, and growth in a changing global market. He is passionate about the application of machine learning to problems related to business (SlideShare). He believes that machine learning allows individuals and companies to create improvements in decision making, speed, and general quality of work. However, he is concerned about the loss of privacy that is a result of using such machines. He believes that curiosity is a trait that enables high productivity and innovation.