Brilliant Brazil Lawyer Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer who specializes in administrative law. He has been leading efforts to have a just society in the country by participating in litigation matters that are supposed to quench the thirst for justice in the country.

Bruno Fagali is a highly skilled lawyer and also an experienced one. He has been practicing law in the country through his law firm known as Fagali Advocacy. This is a law firm that he established in 2016. He has been practicing as a private lawyer since then. His ability to assist client’s deal with matters of interests in the legal field have made him a top lawyer in the country. He is loved by many clients since he gives them the best legal services on matters of administrative law.

Bruno Fagali has been dealing with the following branches of law: administrative law, regulatory law, anti-corruption law and electoral law. Bruno Fagali also has another role as the corporate integrity manager of an advertisement company known as Nova/SB. This is a company that does business with various government departments. The government has been trying to fight issues of corruption which occurs through government departments. His role in this firm is to ensure that the agency complies with the government regulations regarding to anti-corruption. Nova/SB is the largest marketing and advertising firm in the country. Bruno Fagali has managed to show his legal expertise by litigating in high profile cases in the country. He has demonstrated that he is a visionary lawyer who is dedicated to his career. Bruno Fagali mainly works in Sao Paulo.

Bruno Fagali is the brain behind the “Code of Conduct.” This is an approach that is applied by the government in its fight against corruption. This approach has enabled business organizations in the country to maintain high ethical standards. This is an approach that has helped the country make substantial steps in the fight against corruption. Bruno Fagali has also represented numerous business organizations and persons in court cases.

Bruno Fagali is a holder of law degree from the University of Sao Paulo. He holds a master s degree in anti-corruption and administrative law. His bachelors’ degree was from Pontifical Catholic University.

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