Daniel Taub- Dedication to work

Daniel Taub is a diplomat, a lawyer, and a philanthropist. As a diplomat, he is the former Israeli diplomat to the United Kingdom. This is the highest role that has been bestowed upon him since he moved into the country. Daniel Taub has played a crucial, role in uniting these two countries. The ties between the two are stronger than ever before. Daniel Taub was born in 1962, in the United Kingdom. This means that his origin is in U.K although now he represents Israel in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub is an expert in international law. His knowledge of the law has been helpful to Israel especially when dealing with international matters. He has worked under the ministry of foreign affairs for a long time. He has held both legal and diplomatic offices.



Daniel Taub has been the deputy legal adviser in the ministry of foreign affairs. He has also been a senior advisor to the delegation that represents Israel at the United Nations. Taub has also held another position of being speechwriter to the president. From these responsibilities. It is clear that Daniel Taub was a man of action and one who played his role diligently. This is the reason he has been appointed to senior positions to represent the government.



Daniel Taub is an orthodox Jew. He is a firm believer in the Jewish culture and religion. His time in the office was marked by a show of a staunch Jew who was ready to stick by his believes even in a foreign nation. Daniel Taub always stood for what is right. As a believer, he respected the rights of every person and it did not allow any person to be discriminated without voicing his concerns.



Daniel Taub served at a time when there were boycott and ban on Israeli goods in the United Kingdom. At this hard time, he stood with his people in defending the rights of the Jews. There were various groups in the United Kingdom that were accusing the country of engaging in acts of human rights violation. One MP. From Bradford even banned Jews from traveling into the area. Daniel Taub led his nation in defying this ban. He traveled into the area in the full glare of the media and the international community.



Daniel Taub never disappointed his country. He represented them in the best way that he could afford. The achievements he has to show are a testimony to his abilities.