Fabletics Grows With More Physical Stores

Fabletics is the company that many women are talking about in the gym and yoga classes. They are talking about this brand heavily because it gives them access to clothing that they can wear in the very places that they have conversations about their outfits. Fabletics has become a major athletic clothing brand for women, and it is becoming even more of a major thing as consumers get connected to the brick and mortar stores that are now coming into existence. There have always been a few stores that select consumers in different states had access to, but Kate Hudson wants to level the playing field. She wants even more people to be in a place where they can get access to more of these physical stores.


There is a reason for this, and that reason is for consumers to try the clothes on. So many customers will see things that they like online when they check out the Fabletics website. The problem is that many of these consumers may not trust their skills in online shopping enough to buy without trying something on.


When people are working out they really want to be comfortable. The last thing that they want to do is get clothes that are not going to fit properly once they go to the gym. That is why a physical store can be such a groundbreaking thing for any company that is trying to sell athletic clothing. It is one thing to see these clothes in various styles on the website. It was another completely different thing to have a store where you can go and actually try these clothes on. That makes all the difference in the world for some consumers, and that is why Kate Hudson is anxious to get more of these stores in place.


Kate also believes that there is a need for more physical stores because the ones that are in existence for Fabletics are doing well. She knows that this type of foot traffic can actually lead more consumers right back to the website. This is what she would hope to do because there are so many garments that are offered on the website that are being added each week. She knows that people that shop on the website may also become interested in going into a store. For Kate Hudson it is a win-win situation to open more physical stores because it works both ways. People will be excited about the possibilities of trying on clothes, but they were also becoming more comfortable with buying clothes online once they have gone to a store to try on different garments.


Kate Hudson is really proving that she has what it takes to be the entrepreneur that steps forward and put Fabletics into the running as one of the top athletic clothing companies for women. Kate is proving that she knows a lot more than acting. Kate Hudson is proving that he has a desire to build her athletic clothing brand.

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